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Application and Development of Medical Hospital Beds

Just as the earth cannot escape the impact of meteorites from outside the sky, humans cannot escape the vicissitudes of life, and the transformation of heat and cold. In our short life, there are a few things that we can't hide after all, that is, sickness, aging, and death.

1. Application of medical hospital beds

As we all know, medical hospital beds are widely used, and the beds in many hospitals are in short supply. Many research institutions directly count the number of patients based on the number of beds. But when we are actually lying on a hospital bed, few people notice any difference in the board underneath ourselves.

Major medical institutions are inseparable from hospital beds. Hospital beds can also be called medical beds, nursing beds, elderly care beds and so on, which are used by patients during recuperation. In addition, there are some special function beds, such as: ultra-low three-function electric bed, home nursing bed, bedpan bed, scald turning bed, emergency bed, mother and child bed, crib, child bed, ICU bed, and diagnosis bed.

2. Development history of medical hospital beds

At first, the medical hospital bed was an ordinary steel bed. To prevent the patient from falling off the bed, people placed some bedding and other items on both sides of the patient. Later, guardrails and guard plates were installed on both sides of the bed to solve the problem of the patient falling off the bed. Then, because bedridden patients need to repeatedly change their postures every day, especially the constant alternation of sitting up and lying down. In order to solve this problem, people use mechanical transmission, hand crank to let the patient sit and lie down. This is the commonly used bed at present, and it is also a bed commonly used in hospitals and families.

In recent years, due to the development of linear drive systems, manufacturers have gradually replaced hand cranks with medical electric beds, which are both convenient and time-saving, and are generally praised by people. It has achieved a breakthrough and development in the patient's health care function from pure nursing to both health care functions, which is the current leading concept in the field of turnover bed.

In addition to ordinary beds, many large hospitals are also equipped with electric nursing bed. It has more functions than ordinary hospital beds and is more convenient to use. It is more suitable for people who are more severely ill or have limited mobility, which facilitates some of their daily activities. Even the most common medical bed at present, in fact, it took a certain period of evolution to develop into what it is now.

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