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Bariatric Hospital Bed

In obese patients, there is a lot of fat in the tissues, a great resistance of blood circulation, and great pressure on the body's focal point, which leads to serious hypoxia and ischemia of the tissues. Long term bedridden patients who do not change their position for several hours, or who do not turn over completely, or whose local tissues are pressed for a long time, are prone to reactive congestion and induration, forming bedsore. Therefore, we must pay attention to the treatment and nursing of bedsore.

Regarding the above issues, a bariatric adjustable bed is designed for bariatric patients. As we all know the home nursing bed has the function that help the patient to turn left/right, this is the key factor that leads us how to make bariatric beds for home use. We widened the traditional home nursing bed and changed the turning way. Then a good bariatric medical bed came out. Also, we have hospital air mattress for bedsores for sale.

Various comfortable hospital beds can be selected here. Most importantly, there are high-quality bariatric hospital beds  in Shinebright. Patients use the bariatric hospital bed for home will never feel crowded and the new turning way let the patient feel more comfortable. 

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