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Basic Functions of Electric Nursing Bed

Ⅰ. Advantages of electric nursing bed

The electric nursing bed is very suitable for home care of paralyzed patients and bedridden elderly. It not only allows users to realize daily activities such as sitting, standing, turning over, urinating and defecating in bed, but also can greatly reduce the burden on nursing staff. Maybe some friends who want to buy an electric nursing bed do not know much about its functions, so what are the basic functions of the electric nursing bed?

Ⅱ. Functions of electric nursing bed

1. Overall left and right-side turning function

When the electric nursing bed turns over, the whole bed body is turned to the left or right about 0-30°. According to the user's requirements, the angle can be adjusted at will to achieve a natural and comfortable rollover of the human body. In addition to turning over automatically by pressing the remote control, it can also be divided into 20 or 45 minutes to turn over regularly. The user can also meet the needs of turning over while sleeping.

2. Back-up function 

The back of the person being cared for will slowly lift up with the backboard of the electric nursing bed. Arbitrarily adjust to a suitable posture between 0 and 72°, allowing the patient to achieve a natural sitting state.

3. Anti-slip function

As the sitting angle of the human body continues to increase, the bed boards on both sides of the electric nursing bed move inward in a semi-enclosed form to prevent the caregiver from falling to one side when sitting up.

4. Adjustable anti-sliding function

The electric nursing bed's anti-sliding function can be adjusted freely from 0 to 10° according to the user's physical condition. If the user's leg is injured, the anti-slide function is activated during the back-up process, and the leg is lifted up about 10°, which may cause secondary injury to the user with the leg injury, then the anti-slide function can be used after recovery.

5. Back lifting without extrusion function

During the back lifting process, the bed surface of the back will slowly slide upward, and the upward sliding process of the back plate of the electric nursing bed is relatively static compared with the back of the human body, which can truly realize the back lifting without pressure.

6. Electric fast toilet function 

The electric bedpan of the electric nursing bed opens and takes only 5 seconds, and the bedpan cover opens and closes with the opening and closing of the bedpan. This not only reduces the peculiar smell in the room, but also reduces the visual and taste awkwardness of the nurses when cleaning the bedpan. With the use of back-up and leg-flexing functions, the human body can sit upright to urinate and defecate, which is convenient for the care recipient to clean up.

7. Inductive automatic toilet function

When the urine pad at the bedpan senses the humidity, the bedpan will automatically open, which is especially suitable for people with incontinence. People who are conscious of urine can turn off this function.

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