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Characteristics and Direction of Modern Medical Storage Trolley Design

1. Understand the medical storage trolley

Medical trolleys refer to ward protective transfer medical equipment, which are generally used to place some medicines, tools, medical equipment, etc., which can greatly reduce the operational burden of nurses. With the changes in medical needs, people's requirements for medical storage trolleys are also getting higher and higher. When designing a medical storage trolley, it is necessary to start from the user's point of view, consider factors such as shape, material, craftsmanship, human-machine, etc., and use a more humanized design to meet the user's personalized needs and emotional needs.

2. Design of medical storage trolley

The design of the medical storage trolley must first meet its functional requirements, ensure the product structure is stable, the performance is good, and the use is safe and reliable, and more consideration should be given to the user's feelings to meet the user's emotional needs in appearance and use, reflected in details. Humanistic care for product design. Such as the use of ergonomic design, more delicate surface treatment, more rounded and soft surface design, more use of warm colors in color, simple and good man-machine operation, etc. At the same time, the design of the shock absorption function of the medical storage trolley also needs special attention. Because the vibration may cause the reaction of related potions, it will affect the effective development of hospital-related research and medical care.

To sum up briefly, the design of medical storage trolleys should achieve the following points: easy to move, fast adjustment, easy to control, and can quickly reach the medical point of care for on-site use; ergonomic design to create a comfortable working environment for users; space-saving technology, Place the device anywhere you want; Compatible with tablet PCs and Mobile Medical Assistant (MCA)  platforms, place the computer where the stylus can be used to operate the computer, freeing up the hands of the medical staff; the overall shape is simple and intuitive, and the colors The matching is reasonable, giving people a natural, friendly and beautiful feeling, which is in line with the modern aesthetic trend.

As a kind of medical equipment, the medical storage trolley plays an indispensable role in the normal operation of the hospital. . When designing medical storage trolleys for different purposes, targeted and rational design measures should be taken according to actual use needs and design requirements to ensure product quality and design good products that meet medical needs.

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