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Electric Nursing Bed Can Realize Easy Nursing Even for Paralyzed Patients

If there are paralyzed patients at home, they need someone to take care of them because they don't have the ability to take care of themselves. However, even if someone takes care of the paralyzed patients, the process is very troublesome and tiring, so an electric nursing bed is needed. Because the electric nursing bed has many functions, the nursing work of paralyzed patients can be easily realized by using the electric nursing bed.

1. The function of electric nursing bed

The electric nursing bed is currently a homecare (medical) hospital bed with relatively complete functions. It can not only realize horizontal, semi-recumbent, and end-sitting forms, but also meet the daily nursing needs of patients such as washing hair, feet, and urination. In addition, it is equipped with an infusion stand and a dining table, which not only can conveniently meet the nursing needs of patients, but also can reduce nursing pressure and reduce the burden of nursing staff.

The electric nursing bed is specially designed for the special needs of hospitals and patients who cannot take care of themselves, the disabled, critically ill, and paralyzed patients. It solves the long-standing ubiquitous problems of patients in urination and defecation, eating, moving, reading, writing, entertainment and so on. In addition, it meets the physiological and psychological requirements of patients, and it can also improve the rehabilitation ability and greatly reduce the burden of nursing. The wheelchair type design of the electric nursing bed enables the patients to lie on the bed and adjust three postures: supine, half lying and straight sitting. The patient can also adjust the angle of the legs when lying on it; Patients can also read, write, and eat in bed. With a toilet design, people can also urinate on the bed. Its humanized design solves a series of difficult nursing problems.

2. Use of electric nursing bed

Sit-ups make it easy to defecate or to clean the lower part. Pull the handle outwards and shake the handle, the bedpan will automatically enter or exit under the patient's buttocks, take out the bedpan after going to the toilet, and it will return to its original shape after shaking it. It is also equipped with an infusion stand, a table top, and a safety belt, which can meet the needs of different situations. No matter in any posture, the patient can urinate and defecate.

3. Introduction of electric nursing bed

It adopts a hand-cranked automatic conveying toilet. When the patient needs to urinate or defecate, pull the handle outwards, turn it counterclockwise after straightening, and then the toilet cover will automatically open, and the toilet will be sent to the patient's hip. After using it , turn the toilet in the opposite direction, the toilet can be sent out, and the toilet cover will also be closed.

In addition, it is equipped with a safety belt, an infusion hanger, and a dining table. The user can use the dining table to eat, drink tea, read, write and so on, which is very convenient.

The bottom of the electric nursing bed is equipped with universal casters, which can be moved into a wheelchair, and has a brake device.

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