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Geriatric Bed

Traditional hospital bed focuses on back and leg adjustment. Advanced hospital beds added some other functions, such as height adjustment. Hospital beds designed for hospital, clinic use, and geriatric beds are designed for the elderly and bedridden.

For most bedridden and old people, they can not move by themselves and have to stay in bed for the rest of their lives. Long time lay on the bed, bedsore can not be avoided and nursing will be a big problem for nurses or their families. Based on this reason, the elderly care beds was invented and put into the market. We design and produce various home care beds for sale, especially the electric hospital bed for home use responding to the market demand and most of the customers' need. Besides, we also provide hospital furniture design services for your own requirement.

Compared to hospital beds, geriatric hospital beds developed the functions. A standard hospital bed for elderly has the following functions:

  • Back-Up: patients can sit up and do some daily life activities easily, lessening the nursing burden for both patients and nurses. 

  • Leg Up/Down: relax patients' legs, promote legs blood circulation, preventing varicose veins and easily for legs' daily care.

  • Chair Function: adjust the bed to a comfortable position to meet amusement, dining, reading and cleaning.

  • Left/right Turning: help patients to turn over easily, relieve paralyzed patients' body bruising, effectively protect patients from 


  • Toilet: toilet can be quickly opened and closed. Paralyzed patients can defecate on the bed and keep clean.

High-quality aged care beds for sale! Welcome to contact us for more detailed information. We would like to work with you to bring this product to the people we care.

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