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Good Hospital Furniture Design Makes People Feel Heartwarming

A lot of people hate going to the hospital because they don't feel comfortable when they go there. This uncomfortable feeling is actually caused by the inhumane design of the traditional hospitals. Reasonable hospital furniture design can not only facilitate the movement of both patients and the medical staff, but also create a harmonious atmosphere that can make patients relaxed and receive the medical treatment with a positive attitude.

I. Hospital accessories and their uses

With the increase of the procurement scale of hospital accessories, the number of enterprises specializing in the production of hospital accessories is also increasing. As important auxiliary facilities in cities, hospitals are constantly rising with the development of urbanization process, and the furniture procurement scale is also very considerable, but do you know hospital accessories and their uses?

1. Hospital accessories

There are many kinds and large quantities of hospital accessories with various materials, and hospitals purchase them in large quantities. Hospitals pay close attention to the durable, safe and humanized factors of design for the accessories. The quality of hospital accessories will be tested by special environment.

2. The use of hospital accessaries

(1) Space creation

(2) Functional identification areas seperation

(3) Space organization and optimization

(4) Space atmosphere creation

II. Three principles for hospital furniture design

1. Divide the indoor area and define the functions of divisions.

As for hospital furniture design, indoor function divisions should be considered first. Different categories of medical space have different professional functional requirements. Correct space division can make the medical furniture configuration more clear and simple, which is conducive to the health and safety of the diagnosis and treatment process.

2. Determine the activity area of medical space dynamic line and the overall plan the configuration area.

After the completion of the indoor division, a clear space dynamic line can be formed. Fixed items such as furniture cannot be arranged in the dynamic line area, otherwise, the diagnosis and treatment will be hindered. Accordingly, after the indoor division, indoor moving line area and other activity space should be excluded, and the furniture configuration area should be integrated further.

3. Determine the scale and layout of the furniture according to the division scale combined with the factors of the location of medical equipment, electrical equipment, water, etc.

After the completion of the above three steps, the regional planning of hospital furniture in the interior space can be shown, such as the diagnosis area, treatment area and consultation area. The basic scale of the corresponding furniture can be determined according to the spatial scale of each functional area, and the layout form of furniture can be basically determined according to the location relationship between the regional space and the  walls, the medical equipment and the medical electrical power supply.

Implement the furniture layout principle and make detailed medical furniture layout design drawings according to the actual use of medical space requirements.

Whether the medical furniture is designed properly and whether the furniture is easy to use are very crucial, which directly affects the safety, efficiency and humanization of the hospital diagnosis and treatment process.

Professional medical furniture designers need quite high professional quality. They are not only required to understand the specific usage requirements of medical furniture in each functional department of the hospital, be familiar with the furniture industry, but also should master profound and professional knowledge and theory about furniture. In addition, they should have a good understanding of various furniture functions, specifications, materials, techniques, shapes, colors and aesthetics, and apply these elements accurately and flexibly.

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