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Green Environmental Protection Ward Furniture is the Direction Pursued in the Future

Green hospital room furniture is the finishing touch in the construction of a green hospital. Whether it is the exterior of the building or the interior scene, the function of furniture as a foil is unmatched by other decorative materials.

1. The safety and rationality of hospital room furniture

Taking safety and rationality as the starting point of planning, carrying out humanized planning and planning the green hospital space environment as the basis, establishing the safety guarantee of green hospital room furniture and providing patients with green hospital room furniture services, this is the planning concept of green hospital room furniture. hospital room furniture is planned in strict accordance with ergonomic principles, not only considering the physiological state of the human body under static stress, but also pay attention to the physiological state of the human body under dynamic stress, it will not happen to the human body under normal use and accidental misuse. Adverse effects and damage.

2. Green and environmentally friendly hospital room furniture

The basic criteria for green hospital room furniture planning should start with green environmental protection criteria, people-oriented criteria, and comfort criteria, involving user seminars, data selection, human body planning, inclusive planning, collaborative planning, service planning, and in-depth planning of brand strategies for hospital room furniture planning, and then for every detail, every material, including surface treatment, human touch, furniture point of view, there are in-depth discussions.

hospital room furniture not only requires that the hospital room furniture itself does not pollute the medical environment in which it is located, but also requires it to be in harmony with the environment where it is located, and also requires it to be in harmony with the user. Various craftsmanship and artistic skills express the humanistic value of hospital room furniture in terms of shape, material, color, etc., and plan humanized green hospital room furniture.

hospital room furniture not only refers to the use function of furniture design, but also includes aesthetic functions and civilized functions. The shape characteristics, visual feeling, and civilized atmosphere of green hospital room furniture are undoubtedly the main factors. The function of hospital room furniture is an important factor that constitutes the form of green hospital space environment. It is meaningless to talk about aesthetics without the function of hospital room furniture.

Green environmental protection is the primary criterion for the acquisition of hospital room furniture. Experts have indicated that it is necessary to require all panels used in hospital room furniture to meet the specified indicators of green environmental protection, and no other harmful substances that are harmful to the human body can be released during use. The definition of green furniture includes four aspects, such as energy saving, low consumption, low pollution, simple recycling and reuse of materials used in furniture.

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