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Hospital Furniture Should Be Environmentally Friendly and Safe

In the past two years, with the construction of new cities in various places, new hospitals have sprung up, and hospital furniture procurement projects have gradually increased. Hospital furniture has become the furniture category with the largest purchase volume besides office furniture and school furniture. While the market segment of hospital furniture has attracted more attention, the suppliers participating in the project have found that the types of furniture purchased by hospitals are increasing, and that the demand for quality of furniture is also improving in all directions. Industry insiders believe that new hospital furniture not only needs to have the characteristics of environmental protection, safety, and strong functionality, but also needs to pay attention to the comfort of both doctors and patients when designing, and the furniture is also required to be integrated into the environment to play a role.

1. The safety performance should be focused during the hospital furniture production

There are abundant types of hospital furniture: Looking at the distribution of functional areas in the hospital, we can intuitively feel the richness of hospital furniture types. Nowadays, a hospital is often divided into 4 major areas, the outpatient area, the administrative area, the logistics area, and the inpatient department. The four districts are then distributed into different functional areas. For example, the outpatient area has waiting areas, emergency rooms, consultation areas, and other departments, while the logistics department has offices, canteens, and other departments. The furniture required by each of the above areas is different. The furniture required by the hospital covers office furniture, civil furniture, hospital furniture, and laboratory furniture.

To meet the needs of hundreds or even thousands of patients for treatment, meals, and accommodation, a hospital naturally needs many types of furniture. Generally, the hospital will purchase furniture by subcontracting according to the needs of each functional area in the hospital. At present, some hospitals with a relatively large purchase volume will conduct public bidding for the furniture needed in various areas of the hospital several times.

Products should be integrated into the environment. In the era of humanized design concept, people in the industry believe that no matter what kind of hospital furniture, environmental protection and safety should be given top priority, while focusing on the functionality and comfort of the furniture. Incorporating furniture into the environment can encourage maximum use of its role.

2. The convenience and accuracy of hospital furniture

The convenience of hospital furniture. According to the operational requirements of business departments on hospital furniture reporting, inquiry, inspection, etc., it should be easy to operate and can simplify the general work process and strengthen key indicators. In terms of the maintenance of hospital furniture, it is recommended to adopt multiple channels and multiple methods, with the purpose of convenient service. The accuracy of hospital furniture, according to the required needs of different departments, is to pinpoint the precise time and place, and it should cooperate with medical personnel in diagnosis and treatment, supplies and other work.

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