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How to Choose a Medical Nursing Bed?

Traditional nursing is difficult. It is not only because of eating and drinking, turning over to wipe back, bedsore and so on that patients suffer, but also because it increases the difficulty of nursing staff. So, how to choose a suitable nursing bed? There are various types of nursing beds. When choosing, you can choose according to your purchasing needs. At the same time, when purchasing large-scale medical equipment such as nursing beds, you should first learn more about the products of major brands, and then start from the product sales, certification status, functions and other aspects, so as to avoid being "routine".

1. Safety of nursing bed

Generally, nursing beds are aimed at patients with limited mobility and long-term bed rest, and higher requirements are put forward for the safety and stability of nursing beds. Therefore, when purchasing a nursing bed, you must pay attention to the supplier's product registration certificate and production license.

2. Nursing beds are divided into electric and manual beds

The manual nursing bed is suitable for patients with short-term nursing needs, while the electric care bed is suitable for patients who are bedridden for a long time and have limited mobility. This not only greatly reduces the burden on nursing staff, but the most important thing is that patients can control their lives by themselves, which greatly improves their confidence in life and is conducive to the recovery of patients' diseases. At the same time, considering economic factors, electric care beds are more practical than manual nursing beds, but the price is several times or even dozens of times that of manual nursing beds.

3. Nursing bed with rollover function

The nursing bed with rollover function is suitable for hospitals or clinics where the patient has few autonomous activities, the pre-disease risk period has passed, but the degree of paralysis is severe, and there are few nursing staff. This can effectively prevent the three major complications (pneumonia, urinary system infections, bedsores) of long-term bedridden patients.

4. Nursing bed with folding function

Some nursing beds are also divided into two folds, two folds, three folds, and four folds. Two folds can realize the long sitting function. The tri-folded one can realize the end sitting function, and can be used as a wheelchair to facilitate the patient's self-movement. Four-folding can achieve the same comfortable posture as sitting on a chair. This kind of nursing bed is suitable for the health care of some fracture recovery patients and long-term bedridden patients, and is convenient for special patients' sleep, study, entertainment and other needs.

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