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How to Choose the Mattress of Nursing Bed?

Ⅰ. About nursing bed and mattress

People spend most of their time sleeping, and we spend almost half of our time in bed, so the bed is the thing we touch the most. Often many people will feel very secure when sleeping in their own beds. If they are changed occasionally, they will feel very uncomfortable and may not be able to fall asleep. Most care beds are now developed for home use and medical use, and they have gradually become the choice of many families, the nursing bed is known to be used to care for the sick and the long-term bedridden. Now the multi-functional nursing bed is better, so many families and hospitals will choose the multi-functional nursing bed so that patients will be more comfortable, and the two-way choice of household and medical treatment also makes the market for care beds wider. At the same time, it also has many supporting facilities, such as commodes, infusion stands, detachable dining tables, etc., but many multi-functional nursing beds are without mattresses, which requires consumers to buy additionally. The choice of mattresses for care beds requires relevant knowledge.

Ⅱ. Requirements for mattresses of nursing beds

With a multi-functional nursing bed and a good mattress, the patient can lie on it more comfortably, and it can also increase the permeability and ventilation, reduce the occurrence of bedsores, and reduce some unnecessary troubles for the patient. In this way, the family will be more at ease, and a good mattress will be more convenient to use. When purchasing a mattress, it should be selected according to the patient's condition and the design of the nursing bed, and there are many internal structures of the mattress, such as sponge, latex, coconut palm, memory foam, etc., as well as air mattresses. Now mattresses of different materials are suitable for users with different physical conditions. At the same time, the thickness of mattresses made of these materials is also different. Of course, the choice of fabrics for the mattress of the nursing bed is also different. According to the comfort, an extra bed sheet can be appropriately added. Therefore, when you buy the mattress of the care bed, you should choose according to the user's situation, and you can also ask the salesperson to recommend the most suitable ones.

Many people may misunderstand that the care bed already have a very comfortable bed board. In fact, if it can be equipped with a mattress, the comfort will be greatly increased, and some disease prevention measures for patients are also relatively optimistic, so it is still recommended to have a suitable mattress. 

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