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How to Clean Hospital Beds Safely and Hygienically?

I. The importance of cleaning hospital beds safely and hygienically

When nursing patients, people should know how to clean the hospital beds safely and hygienically. Properly cleaning of hospital beds ensures not only the comfort of patients but also the nursing quality, and it also avoids the risk of relapse, such as increased ulcers and cross-contamination.

II. The correct way to clean hospital beds

1. Get dressed

Before cleaning hospital beds, please wear appropriate protective equipment. The used sheets are likely to harbor a variety of pathogens, so make sure wear gloves and masks.

2. Bring necessities

Bring all the necessary tools: clean sheets, laundry bags, disposable gloves and waterproof mats (if applicable).

3. Take personal belongings out of the bed

Patients may sometimes leave personal items on the bed, such as glasses or wallets. Please remove these items and put them in a safe place before taking away the used sheets.

4. Take out the sheets

Remove the sheets carefully. Make sure they are not stirred during the removal stage, and place them in the laundry bag.

5. Put on new sheets

Make sure the center fold of the sheet is right in the middle of the bed. If the sheets are not of the right type, bevel the sides.

6. Place all the other working surfaces

Make sure the center fold of the sheet is in the middle of the bed, and all sides and ends are carefully tucked under the mattress.

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