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How to Configure Children's Hospital Furniture?

Children's medical environment is the main carrier of children's medical behavior. Medical institutions for children's medical treatment include children's specialized hospitals, pediatrics in general hospitals, pediatrics in maternal and child health care hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals or pediatrics in other specialized hospitals. The medical environment related to children's medical treatment behavior is called the children's medical environment.

Ⅰ. The design of children's hospital furniture

For pediatric patients to receive the most effective care, complex functions within the healthcare environment must be integrated. Functional integration refers to the combination of internal functions or other related functions to enrich the space environment and achieve the purpose of optimizing space functions when designing the space that carries the basic functions in the children's medical environment.

In the design of hospital furniture for children's medical environment, it is mainly carried out from five aspects:

1. Floor plan: There are many functional departments, and they must conform to the medical process of each professional functional department in the children's medical space;

2. Display renderings: Different departments have different color systems, and there are many types of renderings required to be displayed, but they must also reflect the unified style of a hospital;

3. Product series: According to the functions of different departments, about 200 to 300 product series are provided for use in children's hospitals, and new varieties are constantly being developed;

4. On-site size: the requirements for integrity and storage are high, and on-site size verification is required; 5. Customization: the special requirements of functional departments and core technical support, the number of customized products is large.

Ⅱ. The performance that children's hospital furniture needs to meet

In addition to meeting the needs of durability, medical furniture in children's hospitals must have the characteristics of laboratory furniture, such as acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, and no pollution. For example, medical storage cabinets and medical equipment cabinets must be moisture-proof, anti-cross-infection, and wear-resistant, and the handles of medical dispensing cabinets must be rust-proof and disinfected.

Among them, the nurse station is the central control center of the department and the ward. In the design of the hospital furniture for the nurse station, in addition to fully considering the layout planning of the hospital HIS system, medical equipment, nurses' daily items and doctor-patient communication, it pays more attention to let nurses The station provides patients with a warm, comfortable, relaxed and safe hospital environment scene atmosphere.

At the same time, according to the different functional characteristics of children's medical space, the special use requirements for furniture materials and accessories are studied, such as hospital furniture in liquid dispensing room, treatment room, disposal room, and dispensing room. Good performance, the cabinet body material needs to be waterproof and moisture-proof, the hardware material needs to be durable, not rusted or deteriorated, etc.

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