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How to Maintain the Hospital Recliner Chair in Winter?

Ⅰ. What is a hospital recliner chair?

In the hospital, we can see all kinds of hospital recliner chairs. The hospital recliner chairs can also be called accompany beds, patient accompany chairs, accompany beds, etc. They belong to Class I medical devices in the classification of medical devices. Generally, there are two types of materials, that is, carbon steel spray plastic and stainless steel.

The hospital recliner chair is a foldable medical ward reclining chair, which is composed of a bed surface frame, a hook, an adjustable movable bed foot, a movable support hook and an adjustable foot. When in use, hang the hook on the hospital bed, remove it when not in use, fold the adjustable movable bed foot and place it under the hospital bed or remove it and place it against the wall. The utility model has the advantages of simple and compact structure, easy to manufacture, simple and fast installation, convenient use, and less space in the ward.

The hospital recliner chair is characterized in that the bed frame is equipped with hooks, the adjustable movable bed feet are movably connected to the shaft plate and the bed frame through the shaft, the bed frame is equipped with movable support hooks and movable presser foot buckles, and one end of the support rod is fixed on the adjustable movable bed foot, the other end is movably connected to the shaft plate and the bed surface frame via the shaft, the hook hole seat and the fixed adjustment seat are respectively installed on the adjustable movable bed foot, and the adjustment foot is fixed by the fixing screw through the fixed adjustment seat. The chair body can be opened as needed, which is easy to accompany, can be retracted to save space, and can be used as a seat at the same time; the chair frame is made of 2.0mm thick carbon steel pipe, which is rigorous in structure, safe and reliable; the elegant curved armrest is ergonomically designed, comfortable and beautiful, flexible in use and space-saving.

Ⅱ. How to maintain hospital recliner chairs?

Maintenance method of stainless steel hospital recliner chair

1. Stainless steel seats can be placed in ventilated and wide places.

2. Avoid scrubbing with a wet rag.

3. Avoid contact of corrosive liquid or gas with the seat.

Maintenance method of ordinary seat

1. When cleaning, do not touch the surface with sharp or blunt objects.

2. Maintain proper humidity.

3. If it is a wooden seat, it can be waxed and maintained to lock the moisture.

Maintenance of leather hospital recliner chair

1. Leather seats should not be exposed to the sun or placed in places with heavy humidity.


2. Special maintenance oil can be used for maintenance every six months or so.

3. If you want to scrub, you can use a special cleaning agent.

4. Some corners and dirty parts can be cleaned with a brush.

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