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Infusion Stand is Helpful for Infusion

Ⅰ. The infusion stand is helpful for infusion

Due to the difference between temperature and dry humidity, many people begin to show symptoms of epidemic diseases, which has made hospitals overcrowded. Infusion, as a common medical method in hospitals, has become the savior of patients. The emergence of this phenomenon also makes the demand for medical infusion stand keep increasing, which also indirectly shows that the medical infusion stand is a good helper for infusion.

Expert doctors said that in the irregular infusion method of infusion holder, the height cannot be adjusted according to the specific conditions of the patient, and it will shake back and forth. These have a great impact on the infusion speed, and it is impossible to ensure timely detection and treatment when the patient has adverse symptoms. The medical infusion stand can ensure the continuous stability of the infusion rate and avoid the occurrence of adverse reactions to the patient. Moreover, the medical infusion stand can adjust the speed and height of the infusion, and has a long life span, so the infusion stand provided by hospital furniture manufacturer in China has become a popular medical aid instrument.

Ⅱ. Types of infusion stand

1. Mobile infusion stand: the bottom of its support is made of stainless steel, and the bottom is equipped with 5 steering wheels; the infusion rod is also made of stainless steel, and the adjustment range of the infusion rod is between 1.2 to 2 meters; thread lock knob wheel is used for height adjustment; it is mainly used in hospital beds, outpatient clinics, treatment rooms and other occasions.

2. Sky rail infusion stand: it is telescopic with stainless steel double rods, and its lifting adjustment is carried out by stepless manual operation. The connected body is made of chrome-plated steel. The length of the outer pipe of the hanger can be customized according to the height of the application.

3. Folding infusion stand: The folding infusion stand is a new type of infusion stand, which can be folded when not in use, which can reduce the space it occupies in the ward and is more convenient to use.

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