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Introduction to the Characteristics of Medical Infusion Chairs

1. How about the medical infusion chair?

Everyone is familiar with the infusion chair, as long as you have been to the hospital for intravenous drips. The infusion chair is the most common product used in hospitals. The infusion chair is also called the drip chair, which is mainly used for infusion of patients in medical places. In the early days, some hospitals used very simple chairs or sofas, which were of poor quality, safety and ease of use. However, the current medical infusion chair is manufactured according to ergonomics and has a strong sense of comfort.

2. The components of the medical infusion chair

The components of the infusion chair: infusion boom, seat plate, leather cushion, armrest foot, beam, and spare parts. (There are many different materials of infusion chairs for sale: for example, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, iron, plastic, solid wood, sponge.) The material of the infusion guide rod: stainless steel or iron.

3. The characteristics of the medical infusion chair

The most common medical infusion chair is made of stainless steel. The shape is relatively simple. There are separate or several chairs connected together, which are fixed and non-detachable. The surface of the chair is mostly hollow mesh design. Due to the hospital environment, the metal part of the medical infusion chair should be able to be cleaned with disinfectant for many times, with high corrosion resistance, and the stainless steel seat has a longer service life.

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