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Introduction to The Safe Use And Maintenance of The Medical Bed

With the rapid development of the economy, our living standards are also constantly improving, and the hardware conditions of hospitals have been qualitatively improved. The use of the medical bed is a good example. Therefore, what problems should be paid attention to when it is used in medical care? And how can we ensure its safety?

1. The safe use of the medical bed

There are many types of medical bed, such as electric medical bed and others. It is necessary to carefully check whether the power cord is plugged in properly before use it. The wire of the controller linear actuator cannot be placed on the lifting connecting rod and between the upper and lower bed frames to avoid power failure. Therefore, strict inspection is required.

During the process of use, it is not allowed to jump on the medical bed. Also, it is not allowed to push when the backplate is raised, nor to move after the brake wheel is pushed. In addition, it is not allowed to push the medical bed horizontally due to the purpose of protecting it. And it is also not allowed to move on uneven roads, which will cause great damage to the universal wheel of the medical bed. You can only press a maximum of one function key on the control panel at a time. It is not allowed to press more than one key at the same time to avoid the risk of injury to the patient.

What is more, it is important to unplug and twine the power plug before moving the medical bed. Also, the guardrail should be raised. The aim is to ensure the safety of patients during the movement of the medical bed.

2. The maintenance of the medical bed

Medical bed supplies have brought great convenience to our life. However, do you know simple maintenance for the damaged medical bed? Let's talk about medical bed maintenance to let you have a better understanding of this.

After using the medical bed, it is recommended to drop it to the lowest position. It should be placed in a safe place after the power cord controller is twined. Also, it is important to brake the universal wheel to avoid it from sliding.

At the same time, it is necessary to check the medical bed on time to ensure the controller line, wires and connectors between the lines are safe and reliable. It is also needed to ensure the bolts are fastened.

Try to use neutral detergent to clean medical machinery, and wipe it with a soft dry cloth after cleaning. And then place it in a ventilated place. Please do not use alkaline or other corrosive liquids for cleaning.

It is recommended to go to the manufacturer if there are parts of the medical bed that need to be placed. Please do not disassemble it by yourself.

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