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Material of Manual Nursing Bed

With the increase of the aging population in some countries, supplies in the elderly care field have begun to attract everyone's attention, from professional hospital beds to nursing beds in personal homes. The development speed of products in this field over the years has surpassed the updates of other products in the medical device field. So, what is the material development of the home care bed that will inevitably be used in the future?

In fact, the development of home nursing bed is origin from the manual bed. At present, more than 70% of the manual nursing beds on the market are actually the same as those used in hospitals. In terms of material, they tend to be stainless steel or carbon steel. This is a bit delayed compared to the abs beds in the hospital. The reason for this is that as a hospital, it has certain requirements on the quality and specifications of the material itself, especially the stability and add ability of the surface of the material are higher than other materials. However, home nursing beds are not so demanding.

In addition to the low requirements for materials in the use environment, the price is also one of the main reasons for the current or stainless steel and rigid spray. Because as far as the entire production process of hospital beds with potty is concerned, the cost of the production process of stainless steel or carbon steel is lower than that of abs. In this way, the price of the finished product is relatively close to the people. For example, the price of single-rocker nursing beds or double-rocker beds on some e-commerce platforms is only about one-third of that of hospital beds.

Surely, products in any industry are divided into high, middle and low grades, and nursing bed products are no exception. For example, some high-end nursing beds generally use wooden footboards to increase the softness of the beds, so that users do not have the feeling of depression when they see the beds in the hospital. However, the material of multifunctional nursing beds with more functions and higher prices is still abs. For an example, some big-brand nursing beds on the market with more than five functions are made of the same material as the hospital abs beds.

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