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Matters Needing Attention when Using Bubble Mattress for Bedsores

Nursing beds are used in hospitals for patients with reduced mobility, and this kind of bed helps patients in their treatment and recovery. At present, many rehabilitation hospitals and nursing homes in China are using it, and many general hospitals have also increased nursing beds due to the needs of patients. Nursing beds generally have manual nursing beds and electric nursing beds. With the wide use of nursing beds, how to maintain and clean nursing beds is a focus of many hospitals. Nursing beds are indispensable for patients with inconvenient mobility, so we should also pay attention to maintenance and cleaning, so that the life of the nursing bed is longer and it is more conducive to the use of patients.

1. Understand the bubble mattress for bedsores

If there is an elderly person who is paralyzed or has limited mobility at home, and children out of filial piety, they will usually buy a nursing bed for the elderly and equip them with a bubble mattress for bedsores. What should I pay attention to when using a bubble mattress for bedsores? First of all, in its use, the use of bubble mattress for bedsoreses is the main factor affecting the comfort of the elderly or patients. So in addition to buying a good bed, the more important thing is the use of the mattress.

2. Precautions for the use of bubble mattress for bedsoreses

First, when using, please place the bed sore foam mattress face up, because there are air jet holes on this side, which plays a key role in the treatment of hemorrhoids. The electric wheelchair air pump should be placed on the patient's heel or hung on the hospital bed to avoid airflow noise affecting the patient.

Second, put the bubble mattress for bedsores on the mattress. For the brown bed or steel wire bed, be sure to put a layer of quilt before putting the bubble mattress for bedsores on it in order to avoid the bedsore foam mattress being worn by the hard brown bed and steel wire. Bed sheets and thin blankets can be placed on top of foam mattresses for bedsores. However, items with poor ventilation such as plastic sheets and rubber sheets cannot be laid. The use of these items will affect the flow of air ejected from the air cushion, and the treatment effect will be greatly reduced.

3. Maintenance knowledge of bubble mattress for bedsores

When moving, maintaining and repairing this product, first cut off the power supply and unplug the power plug; the air pump should be moisture-proof and dust-proof; bubble mattress for bedsoreses should avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight to slow down the aging speed of air cushions; bubble mattress for bedsoreses The cleaning should be carried out in an inflated state, and neutral detergents can be used. When disinfecting, please wipe with 75% alcohol and use it after drying.

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