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Operating Specifications and Precautions for Electric Hospital Bed

As a hospital, wards that require electric hospital beds are generally used to house more severely ill patients. For example, a patient who just had an operation. So, what should we pay attention to when using electric hospital beds, and what are the specific operating specifications?

1. Operating specifications for electric hospital beds

First of all, as a multifunctional electric hospital bed manufacturer, after the product is installed, the power cord of the electric bed will be connected, and then professional personnel will conduct debugging to ensure the smooth operation of the function. As for the medical staff, in addition to listening to the explanations of the technical staff sent by the manufacturer, they must also fully understand the operating specifications of the product, especially the manual part must be understood clearly.

More importantly, because the hospital bed is electric, it is different from the ordinary hospital bed or the 3 crank manual hospital bed, you must figure out the emergency treatment button of the electric bed for patient. This can ensure that the product can suspend the bed operating system for the first time when the remote-control operation fails, thereby avoiding unexpected injuries to the patient.

2. Precautions for the use of electric hospital beds

Regarding the precautions for the use of hospital beds, the precautions for manual beds are actually the same. In addition to daily checking for accidents such as the lifting system under the bed and whether there are debris in the lifting and closing area, the most important point of an electric medical bed is to check the condition of the electric wire frequently, including whether the plug is firm and whether there is any damage to the appearance of the electric wire.

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