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Precautions for the Safe Use of the Medical Bed

I. The medical bed can be seen everywhere in hospitals

We are familiar with the medical bed, because it can be seen everywhere in the hospital when we go there to visit patients. They are specially designed for patients, so the safety performance of it is of top priority. Then what should be noticed when we use medical beds?

II. Precautions for the safe use of the medical bed

1. Before using the medical bed, firstly check whether the power cord is firmly connected and whether the controller cord is reliable.

2. The linear transmission wire and power cord of the controller should not be placed on the lifting connecting rod or between the upper and lower bed frame, so as to avoid personal or equipment accidents caused by a cut in the wire.

3. When the patient lies down on the front panel after the back panel is raised, the bed is not allowed to be pushed around .

4. People cannot jump on the bed. The bed is not allowed to be pushed the when the back panel is raised and people sit on the back panel or stand on the bed.

5. After the universal wheel stops, it is not allowed to push and move the bed. The bed can be moved only after the brake is released.

6. The bed should not be pushed crosswise to avoid the damage to the lifting guardrail.

7. It should not be pushed on the uneven road in order to avoid any damage to the universal wheels of multi-functional electric medical beds.

8. When using the controller, the buttons on the control panel can only be pressed one by one to complete the actions. It is forbidden to press more than two buttons at a time to operate the medical bed, so as to avoid erroneous actions endangering the safety of patients.

9. When the medical bed needs to be moved, the power plug must be removed and the power controller wire must be wound before it can be pushed.

10. When the electric medical bed needs to be moved, the lifting guardrail should be raised to prevent the patient from being injured by falling in the moving process. When moving the electric bed, two people must operate it at the same time, so as not to lose the control of the direction in the process of moving, which will cause damage to the structural parts and endanger the health of the patients.

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