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Precautions for Using Manual Patient Beds

Because hospital patients have different levels of illness, and patients of different levels have different needs for hospital beds, although the functions of electric nursing beds are relatively complete, they are not suitable for all patients, so the hospital will also configures some manual beds. What are the precautions for using manual beds?

1. For the manual patient bed, the adjustment is the joystick, so we need to pay special attention to the joystick when using the manual patient bed. Whether it is a doctor, patient or family member, it needs to pay attention to force during use. Evenly, it must to avoid the phenomenon that the rocker will fall off during use, which will cause certain discomfort to the patient. Therefore, the correct use of the rocker of the manual bed requires special attention to avoid affecting the patient’s experience.

2. In order for the manual patient bed to be used for a long time, it is necessary to pay attention to maintenance during use. Especially for its rocker, in order to ensure that it can be used smoothly, so regularly dripping some lubrication on the rocker of the manual bed is very necessary, and it is best to clean it regularly to avoid the presence of foreign objects and cause adverse effects. If it is a manual hospital bed with universal wheels, it also needs to clean the universal wheels regularly.

3. The use of manual patient beds is not only the rocker, but also the guardrails are used more frequently. Because the manual beds are equipped with guardrails on both sides, the patient can avoid falling from the bed when he is sleeping. The guardrail can be knocked down during activity, so we also need to pay attention to the correct use during use, avoid hanging objects on the guardrail and foreign objects stuck in the guardrail part, and prevent irreversible damage when it is raised and lowered, and affect the service life of the manual patient bed.

The above are the precautions for using manual beds shared by Hengshui Plus Medical Devices Technology Co., Ltd. I hope that the above can be helpful to everyone. If you have any questions, please consult Hengshui Plus Medical Devices Technology Co., Ltd, and we will do answer your question one by one.

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