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Precautions of Product Performance of Hospital Furniture

There are many kinds and styles of hospital furniture in hospital, and the structural forms of supporting components are also different. There are 11 structural types of hospital furniture, 6 of which are commonly used, including fixed structure, disassembly structure, folding structure, combined structure, scaffolding structure and multi-purpose structure. Compared with ordinary office furniture, hospital furniture has different performance. So what are the specific performance requirements of the design of hospital furniture?

Ⅰ. Standardization of hospital furniture design

The hospital furniture guidance system plays a direct role in guiding patients to understand the medical treatment process. Therefore, the design of hospital furniture guidance system must conform to medical standards, including medical terminology standards and overall medical process standards. In terms of details, the identity-oriented name specification must be consistent with other medical supplies specifications. For example, the inspection shown on the inspection list and report form, the location of the report must be consistent with the identity-oriented content to avoid misunderstanding and unnecessary round-trip.

Ⅱ. Safety of hospital furniture design

Hospitals are public places with the mission of protecting health. Therefore, the primary consideration in the design of hospital furniture guidance system is safety, which is mainly reflected in the selection of safe materials to avoid fragile and explosive materials. Logo production process safety is also needed to avoid edges and corners abrupt and knocking against personnel. Hospital furniture guide system installation safety is also needed to avoid work negligence caused by unstable, falling phenomenon.

Ⅲ. Humanity and artistry of hospital furniture design

Humanity: Safety, standardization and unity are the basic characteristics of hospital furniture guidance system design. At the same time, reasonable, scientific and orderly layout should be explored to highlight the people-oriented service concept of the hospital. It is mainly reflected in the appropriate font size of the hospital furniture guidance system to ensure that the patients find the destination as soon as possible, while avoiding visual pollution. The installation height is in line with the viewing sight, so as to achieve visual intuition and clear instructions.

Artistry: When the patient walks into the hospital, the hospital furniture guidance system can directly reflect the overall visual image of the hospital. Therefore, the artistry of hospital furniture guidance system is extremely important. Make full use of the hospital logo and the overall indoor environment decoration color of the hospital, which plays a finishing touch to the hospital environment and gives people a beautiful enjoyment. Fully consider the aesthetic factors, and strive to provide comprehensive, clear and perfect services for visitors, highlighting the basic service spirit of the hospital "people-oriented".

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