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Electric Hospital Bed For Sale

Shinebright cooperate with leading brand motor suppliers such as Link, Lincoln, T-motion and Taichung to ensure the medical electric bed in good operation. Our electric automated hospital bed cover from one function to 7 functions and the 5-function electric hospital bed is sold well in particular here. Our R & D team keeps updating new hospital beds for distributors and cooperators. We offer customers different proposals of an electric hospital bed for sale according to customers' different actual needs. As a professional medical bed supplier, Shinebright automatic bed for patients gained customers' good reputations by outstanding quality, reasonable design and good services.

Why choose an automatic medical patient bed?

  • Comfort and ability

Patient comfort and ability to adjust the position to find more comfort by touching a button of the fully automatic hospital bed, which becomes easier to achieve for those with body limitations.

  • Restricted Mobility

Similar to getting comfort by touching a button, those with limited movement have easier access to exits, and as well as improving vision and interaction in the bed section while talking to people or watching TV.

  • Caregiver Help

Caregivers are a great help for those who need physical help, but being able to position themselves by using an electric medical bed can help to establish independence and self-appreciation.

Difference Between Semi Electric And Full Electric Hospital Bed

Full patient electric bed is operated only in electric, it uses electric motors to power all of the adjustments on the automatic patient bed. The head, foot, height, and tilt adjustments can all be adjusted. A semi-electric hospital bed means there are some functions is operated in electric and some functions is operated manually. It generally uses electric motors only on the head and foot adjustments, but not on the height adjustment. 

Automatic Electric Hospital Beds-FAQ

  • How to Use an Electric Hospital Bed if Power is Off?

    A :

    If the power supply in your region is not stable and power-off happens a lot, we suggest you choose a manual & electric dual hospital bed. When there is no power, you can operate the bed by crank.

  • How Much Is An Electric Hospital Bed?

    A :

    An electrically adjustable hospital automatic bed price is based on many factors. Such as how many functions you want, which accessories you want. For example, different brands' motors have different prices. We need to know the detailed specifications to offer a price.

  • How to Choose an Electric Hospital Bed?

    A :

    Choosing an electric bed in hospital should be based on the budget, the actual need of doctors and nurses, decoration of a ward. The most important is what functions you must need.

  • What is a Full Electric Hospital Bed?

    A :

    A fully hospital electric bed for sale has Backrest, legrest, height, trendelenburg/reversed trendelenburg, CPR adjustment basic functions. Normally 3 to 5 of the functions are used most.

  • We Are Overseas Buyers, Can the Electric Hospital Bed Hand Control to Be Made in English or Other Language Versions?

    A :

    Please do not worry, we can make these patient automatic beds in any language you want according to your need. But there is MOQ. It is 100 pcs electric hospital beds. We can also use hand control without any language, only icons.

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