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Patient Room Accessories Types

Common ward accessories include bedside cabinets, over-bed table, medical screen, infusion support, bed mattress and other related products. These products are mostly for hospital ward daily use. For example, the bedside cabinets, medical screens, infusion supports are necessities. These medical equipment accessories can effectively make the ward nursing work more convenient.

FAQs of Ward Accessories

  • A Standard Hospital Ward Should Equipped with What Goods?

    A :

    A standard hospital wards should have hospital beds, bedside cabinets, medical screens, over bed tables and medical equipment belt.

  • Are All the Bedside Cabinet the Same?

    A :

    No, not all the bedside cabinets are the same. There are different outlook and functions bedside cabinets.

  • Does the over Bed Table Size Can Be Changed?

    A :

    ABS material over bed table size can not be easily changed, if must change, then have to make new mold. Make a new mold charges a lot.

  • Bubble Type Air Bed Mattress and Strip Type Air Bed Mattress, Which One is Better?

    A :

    Bubble type air bed mattress is cheaper than strip type air bed mattress. But once only one small cell of the bubble mattress broken, the whole mattress must be changed. If the strip type air bed mattress one cell broken, just need to change one cell.

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