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Types of Hospital Bed For Sale

Shinebright as a specialized medical bed supplier, we manufactures kinds of medical beds: ICU hospital beds, electric hospital beds (eg. electric hospital beds with side rails, high low electric hospital beds, etc.) and manual hospital beds. To ensure the hospital beds quality, we have strictly QC policy in purchasing materials & accessories, materials cutting, welding, polishing, rust cleaning, painting assembly and packing. 

As a professional medical bed manufacturer, to ensure our distributors' and clients' continuous high competitiveness, we never stop researching and developing our hospital bed products. We recommend and manufacture hospital bed equipment according to hospital wards' styles to assist our distributors and clients offer their customers bad experiences. You are highly welcomed to consult and cooperate with us.

Main Factors Affect Hospital Beds' Quality

  • Material Thickness

    Material Thickness

    Hospital patient bed frame material thickness affects the stability and load capacity a lot. Normally the bed frame thickness can not lower than 1mm.
  • Welding Work

    Welding Work

    Main parts of medical hospital beds need to be completely welded to get the best hospital grade bed.
  • Dust Cleaning

    Dust Cleaning

    Rust of the new hospital beds to be cleaned completely or not affects the adsorption capacity of plastic powder.
  • Accessories


    Qualified accessories of the hospital bed are really important. Do not only seek cheap hospital beds only. Cheap hospital beds mean using cheap unqualified accessories.

How to Choose a Hospital Bed for Home Care

When you are choosing hospital bed for home use for your family, you need to consider the mobility of the users. If the mobility of the users is poor, then the semi-electric or full electric hospital beds will be more suitable for them. In addition, you should consider the estimated use time of this hospital bed, manual or semi-electric bed is designed for short-term use, the fully automatic bed is more suitable for long-term trial. Of course, you also have to consider the body type of the user, such as the fatter people need Bariatric hospital bed. You can all contact Shinebright for more hospital bed for home care information.

Hospital Bed For Home Ca

Hospital Bed FAQs

  • Do You Accept Oem/odm Orders For Hospital Beds?

    A :

    OEM/ODM orders of basic hospital bed are highly welcomed. We have years of experience in good control of every step for OEM/ODM orders. Please refer to the article "Hospital Beds OEM/ODM Key Points" in our website.

  • Can We Change The Size Of A Hospital Bed?

    A :

    The length of a hospital bed can be changed easily according to your request. However it is hard to change the width of the hospital bed. Please refer to the article "Hospital Beds OEM/ODM Key Points" in our website.

  • What Are The Main Factors That Influence The Hospital Bed Price A Lot?

    A :

    There are many factors that influence the hospital bed price a lot. Such as raw materials, accessories, labor cost and so on. Please refer to the article "Why Same Bed, But Different Price" on our website.

  • Your Hospital Beds Warranty Policy?

    A :

    We offer 5 years warranty for hospital bed frame and hospital bed board. For the accessories of medical supplies hospital beds such as motors, head board & foot board, side rails, we offer 1-year free warranty and life-long rechargeable maintenance.

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