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Medical Trolleys For Sale

Medical trollys are used for ward protection, transporting surgical instruments, drugs and patients. It can reduce the operational burden of nurses in some degree. Medical trollys are important medical equipment accessories. Classification by products, the trolly medical have luxury, medium and ordinary ones. By material, medical trolleys have ABS, stainless steel and spray plastic ones. By categories, there are dozens of medical trolleys, such as emergency trolley, treatment trolley, medicine trolley, anesthesia trolley, IV treatment trolley, nursing trolley, case history trolley and waste collecting trolley, etc.

FAQs of Medical Trolley

  • How to Choose a Proper Medical Trolley to Use?

    A :
    • Choose the hospital instrument trolley based on your actual daily need.

    • Choose the material you want.

    • Compare with your target price.

  • What Makes Same Function Medical Trolley with Different Prices?

    A :
    • The medical trolley price will be different because of the different materials. Normally stainless steel material medical trolley is cheaper than ABS medical trolley.

    • Small size is cheaper than big size.

  • Can We Change Functions of Medical Trolley Carts?

    A :

    Normally ABS medical trolley can not change, while the stainless steel instrument trolley can change in some degree.

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