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Quality Control

  • #Material and Accessories #Material and Accessories

    【01】QC-Pre-production for Material and Accessories

    1. 50% Appearance Inspecition

    2. 30% Specifictions

    3. 30% Functions

  • #Weiding #Weiding #Polishing #Polishing #Rust Cleaning #Rust Cleaning #Painting #Painting #Assembly & Functions #Assembly & Functions

    【02】QC-Production for Welding, Polishing, Rust Cleaning, Powder Paint Coating, Assembly & Functions

    1. Welding

      • Welding spots quanities

      • Welding spots firmness

      • Spot Checking 20% of total quantity

    2. Polishing

      • Beadings at least keep flatness with the frame

      • Spot checking 20% of total quantity

    3. RUST Cleaning

      • 100% checking raw material blind angles before production

      • Spot checking 30% of total quantity after rust cleaning


      • Spot checking  30% coverage of total quantity.

      • Spot checking 20% paint thickness

    5. Assembly & Functions

      • Spot checking 20% of the total quantity whether the spareparts are putted in right place

      • Spot checking 30% of the total quantity whether the products functions can be operated smoothly

  • #For Packing #For Packing

    【03】QC-After Production for Packing

    1. Carton Printing: Spot checking 20% of the total cartons printings whether is accordant with customer's requests

    2. Accessories: Spot checking 20% of the total quantity that whether all accessories are putted into the carton.

    3. Appearance: Spot checking 20% products and cartons appearance to ensure in good condition without broken.

  • #Before Shipping #Before Shipping

    【04】QC-Before Shipping

    1. Factory Inspection

    2. Customer Inspection

    3. Third Party Inspection

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