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Requirements for Hospital Bed Size

The size of hospital beds is flexibly customized according to different needs. At present, there are certain regulations on hospital bed size in general, which means that medical bed manufacturers will modify them according to requirements on this basis. Now let's talk about the differences in medical bed sizes.

Requirements of different hospital bed sizes

The first thing to talk about is the size of the entire bed. The increase or decrease in the size of the entire bed will generally serve two purposes, one is the overall space of the ward, and the other is the patient's use. The most obvious here is the requirement for the size of children's beds. This is because the height of many children has exceeded the standard hospital bed size for children by default on the market, the purchaser will make some additional requirements in this regard.

In addition to the size of the entire bed, some hospitals also have requirements for the size of the bed guardrail. This is because different heights and lengths bring different experiences to users and nursing staff.

The second is the size of the product material, which is more concerned with product quality considerations. For example, in many cases, the purchaser will require the hospital bed manufacturer to select the thickness of the steel for the production of the bed frame, and the thickness of the bed surface is also required.

Standard hospital bed size

Let's talk about the standard hospital bed size in the general ward of the department. For patients who can be in a general ward, first of all, the condition is not that serious. More than 70% are able to take care of themselves. Therefore, there are not too many special requirements for patient bed size. The size is basically the standard hospital bed size. The largest size requirement is due to the different size plans of the hospital's own wards, which may require a medical furniture manufacturer to tailor-made beds.

Standard hospital bed size

Queen size hospital bed

A queen size medical bed is 59 to 60 inches wide. A queen-size bed offers more space than a hospital single bed size. The queen size medical bed at the transfer center is 80 inches long.

Medical bed size with different functions

Another standard for the size of hospital beds is that different sizes are required for different functions. For example, the parameter sizes of multifunctional medical beds and ICU hospital beds are much larger than those of ordinary hospital beds. This is because most of the patients who need to use these hospital beds are patients with more serious illnesses or inconvenient mobility, and they need more care. Therefore, the bed size in hospital should be wide enough to leave a certain space for the operation of the nursing staff.

In addition, the sizes of orthopedic medical beds and ordinary beds are somewhat different, but there are no regulations. They are mainly produced according to the specific needs of the hospital.

In addition to the above requirements, such as the size of the entire bed above the ground, the size of the legs of the abs hospital bed will also have requirements. The above requirements are related to the quality and safety of the bed.

Medical bed size with different functions

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