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Safety Performance of Hospital Furniture and Factors Affecting the Price of Medical Infusion Chairs

Furniture is an important foundation for building a work-life space. Furniture has also continued to develop and innovate following the pace of the times. Today, there are many categories, different materials, complete varieties and different uses.

Ⅰ. Where should the safety performance of hospital furniture be considered?

In the process of using hospital furniture, the emphasis is on the safety of use, which is also the foundation of the design. Its safety is primarily reflected in green environmental protection, which is also the primary standard for hospital furniture procurement. It is required that the board used must meet the specified indicators of green environmental protection, and cannot release substances harmful to the human body during use. In addition, due to the particularity of the patient group in the hospital, all furniture in public areas are designed with rounded corners to create a safe medical environment. When designing the safety of hospital furniture, its safety is reflected from three aspects: stability, sturdiness, and structural safety.

1. Stability: Judging from the width and sway of the bottom of the hospital furniture, if it is wider and does not sway from side to side, then the furniture can stick to the ground smoothly. 

2. Sturdy: Judging from the thickness of the hospital furniture structure, if the structure is thin, the furniture is easily damaged. 

3. Safety: Judging from the degree of treatment of the corners of the hospital furniture structure, if there are sharp corners on the edges of the furniture or vacancies where the human body can pass but the head cannot pass, it is not safe; Cracks, no protruding screws, and tongue-and-groove structure, so it is safe.

Ⅱ. What factors affect the price of medical infusion chairs?

Cost of medical infusion chair: Cost has a great influence on the marketing price of enterprises. Cost is the lowest limit of marketing price. The product cost formed by the material materials consumed in the production process and the circulation process and the labor remuneration of the government is determined by the product. The relationship between supply and demand is a basic factor that affects the price of an enterprise's products. On the contrary, it may be lower; when supply and demand are basically the same, the selling price of goods in corporate marketing.

Demand for medical infusion chairs: When the supply of goods is less than the demand, the marketing price of enterprise products may be higher. Our company specializes in production, development, design and sales. The products include: medical infusion chairs, escort beds, escort chairs, row chairs, airport chairs, stainless steel airport chairs, office sofas, leisure sofas, teaching desks, chairs, student apartment beds, etc. series. Products are suitable for hospitals, airports, stations, schools, banks, public places and business units.

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