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Selection and Use of Elderly Care Beds

With the development of science and technology, the nursing bed has also developed from a simple wooden bed to a multi-functional bed, which is a qualitative leap. The practicability, convenience, and versatility of elderly care beds are beyond doubt. The bed is more comfortable, and it is easy to cause the elderly to be bedridden, which is easy to cause complications, and it is not easy to prevent diseases. While bringing good news to the elderly, the nursing bed for the elderly should also pay attention to some problems in the use process, so as to improve the health and safety of the elderly. Good recovery body.

Ⅰ. What should be paid attention to when using elderly care beds?

For patients who use nursing beds for the elderly for a long time, joints are prone to stiffness and soreness. At this time, irregular activities and massages under the guidance of doctors are required to move the joints and relieve soreness. When using the nursing bed, it is necessary to take proper care of it, not just lie on it comfortably. Generally, pay attention to the following points:

1. Change your posture more when the disease allows.

2. Do more deep breathing exercises and massage more.

3. If your body allows, you can do some exercise on the nursing bed to move your joints, or get up and walk around. The elderly can sleep better on elderly care beds. And it's convenient for the elderly to move and the family can care better for the elderly. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to choose a good nursing bed for the elderly.

Ⅱ. What to consider when choosing elderly care beds?

1. Safety and stability: Most nursing beds for the elderly are aimed at those patients who are inconvenient to move and bedridden for a long time. Therefore, this puts forward higher requirements for the safety of the bed and its own stability. Therefore, when the user chooses, he must check the registration certificate and production license of the product produced by the other party in the Food and Drug Administration. Only in this way can the safety of the nursing bed be guaranteed.

2. Practicality: The elderly care beds are divided into two types: electric and manual, and the manual one is more suitable for short-term care of patients and solves the problem of difficult nursing in a short period. The electric one is suitable for families with long-term bedridden patients with inconvenient mobility. The use of an electric one can not only reduce the burden on nursing staff and family members, but the most important thing is that the patient can operate and control it completely by himself. This not only satisfies your own needs but also makes your family feel more at ease.

3. Price advantage: The electric nursing bed itself is more practical than the manual nursing bed, but its price is several times that of the manual nursing bed, and some are even tens of thousands of yuan. Some families may not be able to afford it, so people also need to consider this factor when purchasing an elderly care bed.

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