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Structure And Function Of Three-functional Electric Hospital Beds

Structures of Three-functional Electric Hospital Beds

ABS Bedside

Bedside and bed tail is formed by ABS disposable injection molding, which is fade resistance, aging resistance and easy to clean. It has symmetrical automatic lock socket, which can be quickly removed and meet the needs of clinical first aid. The tailboard has a transparent bed card that can be inserted.


Bed Surface

Bed frame is made of welding. The bed surface is made of thick high quality steel plate primary stamping. The designs for 3 function bed has vents, which has the advantages of preventing bedsores, good air permeability, easy to clean, disinfection and high bearing weight. Electrostatic coating process is applied on the 3 function hospital bed body.



Four corners infusion hole, 1 infusion frame, 2 drainage hooks on each side. It can be placed at the drainage hook when the infusion rack is not used.



Using the Chinese Taiwan brand Lincoln motor, which is durable.



The barrier of the 3 function electric hospital bed is made of high quality ABS injection molding. The guardrail can be folded and placed under the bed. The folding will not occupy any space and is capable to improve the utilization rate of ward space. The design of fence meets the safety standards, which is beautiful, comfortable and safe.


ABS silent wheel

The wheel is a double-sided silent wheel. It is durable and more flexible rolling without any noise and shaking.


Three Functional Electric Hospital Bed Functions

Starback 0-80 °, crankleg 0-40 °, overall lift 400-720mm.

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