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The Design of Hospital Furniture Depends on the Needs of Users

The custom design of hospital furniture can improve the overall image and environment of the hospital. Hospital furniture involves many departments, and the total number of comprehensive hospital furniture has even exceeded 10,000 pieces. Therefore, relevant personnel is required to participate in the customization and procurement of the hospital furniture, and they should evaluate and customize the furniture in terms of style, material, use and other aspects.

1. Design of the hospital furniture

There are three categories of users of hospital furniture, which are medical staff, patients and accompanying staff. Medical staff is the largest users of hospital furniture. In addition to the requirements of comfortable, environmentally friendly, practical and durable furniture customization, we also hope to optimize the workflow of medical staff through the customization of hospital furniture. Therefore, when customizing hospital furniture, we should always put the functionality of the furniture in the first place.

The use of hospital furniture by patients and accompanying staff must have the use demand of life functions. At the same time, the comfort and functionality of the furniture should also meet their needs. There are many types of hospital furniture, as well as different hospital spaces and configurations. Therefore, hospital furniture has requirements in the customization of furniture, including functions, appearance, mechanics, practicality and other values. Also, hospital furniture has higher requirements on the basis of safety, humanization, acid and alkali resistance and wear resistance.

2. Waiting chairs for hospital in hospital furniture

Many people do not know the material of the waiting chairs for hospital in hospital furniture. Waiting chairs for hospital are a type of public seat used by patients when they are waiting for a doctor. Since waiting chairs for hospital are public, they are also essential in hospital furniture.

As waiting chairs for hospital are used in public places in hospitals, they usually have general specifications. Since the daily flow of people in the hospital is large, chairs need to be durable, wear-resistant and rust-proof. In general, waiting chairs for hospital have high-quality cold plates. Besides, surfaces of chairs have professional physical treatment, which is environmentally friendly, safe and beautiful. Also, it is not easy to wear and rust. The legs of waiting chairs for hospital are made of die-casted high-strength aluminum alloy. The armrests are die-casted by large-scale precision casting molds, which have a unique streamlined design. Also, the appearance is noble and generous, and full modern sense.

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