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The Design of the Medical Bed

Now society is developing faster and faster, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, and the corresponding medical standards are also developing better. Medical equipment is constantly being updated, and the design of the equipment is becoming more and more humanized. Today's hospitals also have many designs on the medical beds. In order to provide a comfortable environment for the injured and sick, the design of the medical bed should also have a personalized and standard process.

1. The design of the medical bed

The length of the current medical bed is about 1.8 to 2 meters, the width is generally 0.8 to 0.9, and the height is between 40cm and 50cm. Electric medical beds are relatively spacious, while emergency beds are relatively narrow. Moreover, the head and foot of the bed can be disassembled and assembled under normal circumstances. There must be a personalized design that takes into account that the people visiting in the hospital often do not have so many places to sit and will choose to sit on the medical bed. This way, it is necessary to control the balance of the medical bed when one side is too heavy. There are three types of such medical beds. One is the flat bed type which is no adjustment function. The other is manual type, adjusted by hand. The third type is electric type with automatic adjustment.

2. The composition of the medical bed

So what is the medical bed made of? The medical bed is generally composed of a steel bed frame and a bed board. The bed board is divided into three aspects, one is the backrest, the other is the sitting board, and the other is the footrest. The three parts of the bed board are interconnected. The steel bracket can be used to improvise the lifting and lowering of the bed board, which can make the three components of the bed board rise and fall, which can conveniently adjust the nursing bed to the state desired by the patient. In this way, it makes the patient more comfortable, reduces the work of the nursing staff, and facilitates the daily movement of medical staff and patients.

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