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The Disinfection of Ward Furniture and Some Moisture-proof Tips

Ⅰ. Disinfection of ward furniture

Ward furniture is one of our common hospital equipment, but because it is used by too many people and it is mostly used by patients with germs, it is necessary to frequently clean and disinfect furniture, beds and other objects, because some infectious diseases are easy to pass through Furniture is transmitted to other people, so it is necessary to disinfect the items used by the infected person, furniture, etc. Of course, other items must also be disinfected regularly.

Before disinfection, we should prepare 0.3% to 0.5% peracetic acid solution or 1500~2000mg/L effective chlorine-containing disinfectant for cleaning and spray disinfection. Put the furniture in the patient's bedroom, open the cabinet, close the doors and windows, and use the fumigation method and spray disinfection method for disinfection in the bedroom. Note that any ward furniture should not be disinfected with bleaching powder or peracetic acid solution to avoid corrosion damage to the furniture and fading of the furniture.

Ⅱ. Some moisture-proof tips for ward furniture

Due to the different materials of ward furniture, the performance, maintenance and treatment of dampness are also different. Each material of furniture has its own treatment method.

1. Before the arrival of wet weather, the leather ward furniture should be dusted with a damp rag, and the surface of the ward furniture should be wiped with a layer of protective oil, which can not only play a role in preventing moisture, but also protect the color of the furniture. If you find mildew on the surface of leather furniture, you need to use a mildew remover to remove the mildew, and then apply maintenance oil.

2. The fabric part of fabric ward furniture is easy to adhere to dust, and dust removal should be done at ordinary times to avoid mildew in humid weather. If the ordinary fabric sofa is damp, it can be dried with a hair dryer, etc.; the fabric sofa with relatively fine workmanship.

3. For panel ward furniture, pay attention to the cleaning of the joints in the furniture, so as to avoid the moisture absorption and expansion of dust impurities and cause cracking. In the parts that are easy to absorb water, such as seams, it is necessary to take measures to close the gaps. After the cloth furniture is damp, put the moisture-proof bag in time to absorb the moisture.

4. If there is no condensation or mildew on the solid wood ward furniture, a desiccant can be placed inside the furniture to do a good job of moisture-proof treatment of the ward furniture. After the furniture in the ward is damp, if the damp condition is not serious, it should be placed in a ventilated and shaded place to dry in time. If there is condensation or mildew on the furniture, you need to wipe the water droplets clean first, and then use a mild detergent to clean the mildew. Then dehumidify it.

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