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The Function of the Patient Care Bed and Its Design to Meet the Needs of the Patient

Don't underestimate the patient nursing bed, although it is a bed, but compared with ordinary beds, there are too many different places, thinking that nursing beds are all provided for patients, so in order to ensure that patients can lie on it Both convenient and comfortable, the current patient care beds have multiple functions, and the design of so many functions of the nursing bed is for one purpose, that is, to follow the needs of the patients and ensure the comfort of the patients.

Ⅰ. The patient care bed is designed in accordance with the needs of the patient

The multiple functions of the patient care bed are all designed in accordance with the needs of the patient. The functions of the nursing bed:

1. Each part of the patient care bed adopts newer design and production. The material of the nursing bed is made of ABS, which is durable, wear-resistant and strong;

2. The patient care bed adopts mute universal casters with brakes, which can be locked and released, with excellent durability and operability, which improves the handling performance of the nursing bed;

3. The electric device of the patient care bed adopts a high-quality permanent magnet DC fully enclosed control system with battery function, which has low noise, high safety and long service life;

4. Use PP flip-type guardrail, you can also choose to use aluminum alloy guardrail or push-pull guardrail;

5. Removable bed head and foot end, equipped with infusion stand and drainage hook;

6. Mattresses equipped with new polyester fiber materials can also choose to use low-rebound double-layer sponge mattresses or waterproof material mattresses, which have good air permeability and durability.

Ⅱ. The function of the patient care bed

Function 1: Back up, the back can rise at a larger angle of up to 80 degrees, and a seat angle of about 2 degrees is adopted to prevent the patient's body from sliding.

Function 2: The legs are lowered. The lower angle of the legs can reach 90 degrees, and the lower bed surface of the feet can be 290mm off the ground. (Note: The combination of function 1 and function 2 can make the nursing bed meet the standard of a comfortable sitting posture, so that the patient can also enjoy sitting up or lying down freely.)

Function 3: The overall lifting and lowering of the nursing bed is convenient for the escorts to carry out daily nursing work for the patients.

Function 4: The patient care bed can be tilted 12 degrees, and the tilting of the head and feet is beneficial to some patients who need physical rehabilitation.

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