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The Functions of Hospital ICU Patient Beds

Because some patients are in a more serious condition or even in a state of shock, the hospital will set up some ICU patient bed to provide accommodation for such special patients. Because the work in the wards is more complicated and diffICUlt. So in order to relieve the pain and suffering of patients, the workload of medical staff will be equipped with dedicated ICU beds. So what functions should the ICU patient bed have?

1. Since patients in the ICU patient bed basically lose their ability to take care of themselves, especially for some patients with deep consciousness disorders. and in terms of long-term bed rest can cause some complications, the use of ICU patient bed s requires a certain degree of functionality. For example, its multi-directional adjustment function can help patients better change a comfortable lying position, and can also help patients turn over, scrub, and prevent bedsores.

2. The ICU patient bed not only needs to have multi-directional adjustment functions, but the guardrails, headboards and footboards on both sides of the bed also need to have disassembly and assembly functions, so that it is much more convenient to rescue in a crisis situation. and its ICU patient bed also need to have foot control functions, which will also bring more convenience to the medical staff and reduce the workload. In this way, it can also improve the work efficiency of the medical staff, and will also bring certain benefits to the improvement of the patient's condition.

3. Because patients in the ICU patient bed are basically not suitable for movement, some examinations can only be performed in the ward. For example, if some critically ill patients need X-filming, they can only be completed in the ICU ward, so ICU patient bed needs to have an X-ray box slide rail, and it can be taken without moving the patient, and the ICU bed needs to have flexible and stable brakes, so as to ensure that the use of its universal wheels will not cause unnecessary hidden danger.

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