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The Functions of ICU Patient Bed

Ⅰ. About ICU patient bed

Because the ICU ward is faced with special critically ill patients and many new patients are even in shock and other life-threatening conditions, the nursing work is complicated and difficult, and the standard ICU patient bed requirements are also very strict. So what are the functions of the ICU patient bed?

Ⅱ. Functions of ICU patient bed

1. Multi-position adjustment. Using a safe and reliable medical mute motor with the stable performance of the, fully electric control of the overall lifting of the bed, backplate and lifting adjustment of thigh plate, adjustable to cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) position, heart chair position, stereolian and antistereolian sites.

2. Assistance with turning over. Because the ICU ward center has a lot of depth of consciousness disorders of patients who can not turn over and need nursing staff to often turn over and scrub to prevent bedsores. In the absence of a turning aid, two or three persons are required to complete a patient's turning over, and nursing staff is very easy to hurt the waist, which brings a lot of trouble and inconvenience to the work of clinical nursing staff. In the sense of modern standard, ICU patient bed can be controlled by foot, which can easily help the patient to turn over and so on.

3. Convenient operation. ICU patient bed can multidimensionally control the movement of the bed. Control functions are provided for the guardrail on both sides of the bed, the tail plate of the bed, the hand-held controller, and the foot control on both sides, so that nursing staff can operate and control the hospital bed as easily as possible according to the convenience of nursing and rescue. There are also functions of one click to reset and position, alarm out of bed, which is used to supervise the ambulate of patients in transitional convalescence.

4. ICU patient bed has accurate weighing function. The critical patients in the ICU center need a lot of fluid exchange every day, which is very important to intake and excretion. The traditional operation is recording fluid intake by human, but it is easy to overlook the secretion of sweat or the fat burning consumption in the body. When there is a precise weighing function, with continuous weight monitoring of patients, doctors can easily compare the differences between the two data to adjust the treatment plan in time, which can improve the data management of quality changes in patients' treatment.

5. Back X-ray photography requires that critically ill patients can be taken in the ICU ward. The backplane is equipped with X-ray box slide rails so that patients can be taken by X-ray machine without moving.

6. The ICU patient bed has flexible movement and braking. The ICU center requires that the nursing bed can move flexibly and be fixed with stable brakes, which is convenient for rescue and hospital transport.

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