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The Hospital's Core Decoration Consists of Hospital Furniture

1. The core decoration of the hospital: hospital furniture

In the indoor environment of hospital buildings, hospital furniture accounts for about 45% of the indoor area. It is the main item for medical workers, patients and their families to use for diagnosis, work, study and life, the coordinated shape, color and texture design can also create a beautiful medical environment with different styles and characteristics, allowing medical workers to work in a comfortable mood, allowing patients to enjoy family-like warmth, making the doctor-patient relationship harmonious and beautiful, and making the hospital full of vitality. Therefore, hospital furniture is the main body of the medical space environment, and the main component and embodiment of the indoor environment function.

2. What are the functions of hospital furniture in hospital space?

The basic purpose of hospital furniture is to meet the behavioral needs of patients in the process of diagnosis and treatment in the hospital space, and the visual performance is the higher pursuit. The role of furniture in indoor space is mainly summarized into the following five types: shaping space, dividing functional identification space, organizing optimization space, creating space atmosphere, spiritual function. 

1. Hospital furniture shapes the space. After the completion of the hard decoration, the basic positioning of the space function and style has been established, and the keynote of the indoor environment has been set. The more detailed description will be completed by the configuration of the furniture. Hospital furniture is more closely related to people than the six major interfaces in the space, and is the closest medium to people. First, the clarity of the function of the hospital furniture itself is used to satisfy the shaping of the functional space, and then the style of the furniture also highlights the style tone of the interior space. In the same medical interior space, if different styles of hospital furniture are placed, the atmosphere reflected in the space is completely different.

2. Divide the function of hospital furniture and identify the space. The functional area of the hospital is divided into many and complex. There are many types of hospital furniture. According to the space used, it can be divided into: outpatient furniture, emergency furniture, inpatient furniture, medical technology furniture and administrative service furniture. The type of hospital furniture has a distinct role in identifying the space. The appearance of hospital furniture can better reflect the functionality of the space area than the interface decoration. The definition of the space function through the function of the hospital furniture plays the role of identifying the space. For example, placing waiting chairs or sofas in the diagnosis and treatment space, people's first reaction can identify the waiting space.

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