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The Important Significance of Using Home Nursing Bed

Ⅰ. About Home Nursing Bed

The home nursing bed is a hospital bed specially designed for patients with inconvenient mobility to use in home care. Its main purpose is to facilitate nursing care by nursing staff and help the patient's recovery.

Home care beds can be divided into the manual nursing bed and electric care bed according to the operation mode. The home nursing bed can provide corresponding nursing services for the elderly in the family. The client of the home care bed can also be a patient who returns home for treatment after undergoing a major operation. The home nursing bed provides nursing functions to the home environment, making nursing easier.

Ⅱ. The importance of using home nursing beds

The home care bed allows the elderly to get nursing care at home and also reduces the burden on the family. The development of home care is conducive to the development of the nursing industry, and can also greatly improve the family's nursing knowledge and skills. The home nursing bed can meet the basic needs of the elderly, and is conducive to mental and physical recovery.

Objects of home care bed:

1. Patients whose condition is relatively stable after treatment in the hospital and still need to continue treatment or nursing.

2. Patients with chronic diseases that do not require hospitalization, such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, recovery from mental illness, and malnourished patients.

3. It is limited to patients who cannot be hospitalized for various reasons and can only receive special treatment at home, such as home oxygen therapy, long-term intravenous nutrition, etc.

4. Patients with advanced tumors who need chemotherapy.

5. Disabled people who need home nursing beds, such as those who are disabled or have mobility impairments due to congenital malformations or accidental injuries.

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