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The Role of Medical Trolley

Ⅰ. About medical trolley

Medical trolleys refer to ward protective transfer medical equipment. Medical carts are suitable for large hospitals, health clinics, pharmacies, mental hospitals and rotating carts for daily use. To a large extent, it can reduce the operating burden of caregivers.

A medical trolley cart is used to transport medical equipment, surgical instruments, medicines, and patients inwards. It can greatly reduce the operating burden of caregivers. According to the classification of products, the medical trolley is luxurious, medium, and ordinary. According to the material of products, the medical trolley has ABS, stainless steel, and plastic spray. According to the types of products, the medical trolley has dozens of carts, such as rescue cart, emergency vehicle, treatment cart, medical records cart, instrument cart, instrument cart, drug delivery cart, anesthesia cart, dirt cart, infusion cart, drug pick-up cart, collecting cart, sending cart and patient transport cart. The medical trolley is the rotating cart suitable for large hospitals, health clinics, pharmacies, mental hospitals, and places using it.

Ⅱ. The role of the medical trolley

Medical trolleys are mainly used for ward transfer. They can be used in a variety of situations in hospitals, such as health clinics, pharmacies, hospital rounds, etc. Using medical trolleys, you can order everything you need. On the cart, let the medicines or syringes on the cart be clearly and neatly arranged, so as not to be in a hurry.

The use of medical trolley carts can reduce the operational burden of caregivers in many cases. Even in some emergency situations, just push the cart and go without temporary preparations and improve efficiency. Of course, there are many types of medical carts, such as emergency carts, medical record carts, equipment carts, etc. Different carts should be used in different situations. Medical trolley carts are divided into three categories: luxury carts, medium carts and ordinary carts. If they are classified according to materials, they can also be divided into ABS materials, stainless steel materials and plastic spray materials.

Although there are many types of medical trolley carts in clinical medicine and their functions are not the same, they are mainly used for the role of medical staff in various departments. The design of each medical trolley cart is mainly to facilitate nurses, improve work efficiency, and it is more convenient and plays an important role in the medical industry. It is believed that with the advancement and development of medical technology, we will see medical trolley carts with more abundant forms and functions in the future.

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