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The Structure and Function of Patient Care Bed

As an important part of medical furniture, patient care beds are also an important part of hospitals, nursing homes, and home care. It is very important to correctly understand nursing beds in daily care and choose nursing beds, which is also important for patient rehabilitation and nursing work. important role. Practice has proved that the patient care bed is a good helper for the rehabilitation of bedridden patients, and some nursing beds also have many new parts and improved new functions. Understanding the basic structure and function of patient nursing beds is of great significance for skilled use of nursing beds, reducing the burden of nursing staff, and helping patients recover.

1. The basic structure of the patient care bed

The basic structure of the patient care bed is divided into two parts: the main bed and the additional facilities. The main bed part is composed of a headboard frame, a footboard frame, a bed frame, a back bed surface, a fixed bed surface, a thigh bed surface and other parts. Plus Medical patient care beds all have these functions, which mainly play the role of supporting various parts of the patient's body. The additional facilities of the patient care bed are set according to the needs of different patients, and the additional facilities of different nursing beds are also inconsistent. , bend legs, sit flat, turn over, etc., so that patients can fully rest and health care, prevent patients from skin diseases such as bedsores, easy to change posture, and can also move the nursing bed to change the patient's living environment. Among them, the electric nursing bed can realize different changes of body position through the controller, which reduces the physical burden of nursing.

2. The special configuration of the patient care bed

In addition, in order to meet the special needs of special patients, some patient care beds are also equipped with special devices: defecation device, foot washing device, living table, infusion hanger, etc. The special device cooperates with the main bed to meet the special needs of special patients: the defecation device allows the patient to defecate or clean by himself; the foot washing device allows the caregiver to clean the patient's feet without moving the patient; the living table makes daily diet more convenient for patients; the infusion hanger provides convenience for patients who are seriously ill and needs infusion, and can ensure uninterrupted infusion when the nursing bed is moved.

Nursing of the long-term bedridden elderly is a long-term, meticulous and hard work, which requires a careful nursing plan and strict implementation. Clinical practice has proved that as long as proper treatment and nursing measures are taken for the bedridden elderly, the pain of the elderly will be alleviated, their quality of life will be improved, and some of them will be able to recover to varying degrees and achieve a certain degree of self-care.

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