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Types of Medical Beds

Medical bed is a kind of equipment used to carry patients in hospital wards. Some medical beds can be modified by external forces to assist in adjusting the patient's position, and some accessories have the effect of promoting the recovery of the patient. Different types of medical beds have their own advantages, but with people's demand for medical assurance, the beds are gradually becoming more complicated without losing safety. In order to facilitate safety supervision, the standardization of product safety was born. The types of medical beds include: pallet beds, manual beds, electric beds.

1. Manual patient bed

The manual patient bed is a higher-end product than the board bed. The method of changing the viewpoint by driving the bed board such as the hand screw, the hand lever pneumatic valve and so on can help the patient adjust the posture. The increase in this function makes up for the shortcomings of the bed that is less helpful to patients. The industrial ability and manufacturing process required by manual beds are not difficult, which plays a vital role in lowering the threshold for mass production.

2. Electric patient bed

Electric patient beds are relatively high-end products. Generally, electric push rods are used to replace screw operations, and electric control is used, which saves time and effort. Due to the characteristics of electric control, the control key can be within the range of any signal received by the bed. This greatly improves the degree of freedom of control, and through the promotion of attachments, the possibility of permission distribution can also be ended. Electric drive products have higher precision and are convenient for assembly line operations. Due to higher requirements on the production site, raw material supply, production technology, and personnel quality, the production cost is higher. As a universal bed in a hospital, certain funding is required. However, it is now used as a special medical bed in the ICU, intensive care unit, operating room, and imaging room.

Through a deep understanding of different types of medical beds, choosing economical and practical medical beds on the premise of meeting needs can ensure the medical needs of patients on the one hand, and reduce the cost of the hospital on the other hand.

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