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Usage And Maintenance of 5 Function Electric Hospital Bed

Electric five-functional medical beds are mainly provided to patients in the hospital intensive care unit (ICU) and the general ward for treatment, rescue and application.

It consists of ABS head of the bed, ABS lifting guardrail, bed board, upper bed frame, lower bed frame, lower bed frame, lifting linkage, electric linear drive, controller, universal wheel and other main components.


Usage of five function electric hospital bed

The 5 function electric hospital bed uses ordinary lighting power supply to plug the power plug into the power grid. The movement of the 5 function hospital bed is done by operating the controller to control the motor. The controller is equipped with a light touch switch, each button operating the corresponding action, as indicated on the control panel.

Lifting the handle when landing guardrail, rising until a slight click is heard, which indicates that the guardrail is reset.

Step on the tread pedal of the central control brake device to lock the tread pulley brake and lift the pedal to unlock. To prevent damage to the tread pulley, you can not force the push when braked.


Maintenance of electric five-functional medical beds

  • Put the 5 function bed in the lowest position, circle the power cord controller line, push it to the safety place and brake the universal wheel.


  • Regularly checking is needed whether the controller line, linear drive wires and connections are firm or reliable, and whether the connecting bolts are loose.


  • Clean regularly. Clean with neutral detergent, wipe with soft cadres and move to  ventilation.


  • Avoid cleaning with alkaline or other corrosive liquids.


  • Avoid any hitting while moving and using to prevent damage to structural components.


  • Avoid contact with strong acid and alkali to prevent corrosion. If accidentally corroded by strong acid, alkali or adhesive and you did not remove discoloration stain in time, you can wash or soak with water, wipe with neutral synthetic detergent and then wipe it clean with dry cloth.


  • For repair or replace parts, please contact our aftermarket service department and do not remove them yourself.

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