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What are the Advantages of Nursing Beds at Home?

1. Use of homecare bed

Product safety requirements are the primary factor in design. The direct users of homecare beds are disabled elderly people. Their lack of self-care ability, slow response, unreasonable mechanism design, excessive speed, and excessive angles will all affect the safety of homecare beds. Therefore, under the guidance of ergonomics theory, determine the stability and reliability of the home care bed to meet its structural design requirements; In the way of mechanism movement, labor-saving and high-stability methods are selected to meet the weight difference of different users, so as to ensure the safety factor.

The homecare bed is mainly used in the family of the disabled elderly, and its external dimensions must meet the human body size when used in various environments. At the same time, it needs to meet the relevant size requirements of the place, so that the designed nursing bed can meet the needs of all disabled elderly people.

2. Design of homecare bed

From the perspectives of ergonomics and nursing for the elderly, the design of homecare beds should meet the requirements of product safety, practicability and comfort. The use in the family activity space has a certain range of restrictions. It is necessary to make good use of the space and realize its use function. Generally, it is considered within the range of 2 meters in length and 1 meter in width. Under normal circumstances, the height does not need to be considered. In addition, the height can be raised and lowered by the structure of the nursing bed, and the body shape changes of the elderly can be studied from the perspective of anthropometry.

The design of homecare beds meets the daily care needs of disabled elderly people, and at the same time must meet their various body posture transformation requirements, improve the level of care, and reduce other symptoms caused by long-term bed rest. The posture adjustment functions include: lying flat, sitting up, turning over, bending legs, standing and other functions.

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