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What Are the Advantages of the Electric Nursing Bed over the Normal Nursing Bed?

1. The high-quality electric nursing bed will have an impact on elderly care

With the progress of science and the continuous development of hospital modernization, various advanced medical devices such as the electric nursing bed are increasingly used in medical clinical nursing. Due to the direct or indirect effects of medical devices on the human body, there are different degrees of application risks. Improper use and management will affect the quality of medical treatment, nursing, and even the safety of patients.

Nursing staff must conduct a risk analysis to understand possible risk factors when using various medical devices. The risk of the medical device is universal and objective. There are risks as long as you use medical devices. Risk analysis is to control and manage risks, and measures should be taken to control the use of the medical device at an acceptable level. Management should be strengthened in medical nursing work. Also, risk awareness should be established in order to reduce human errors and management errors. It is necessary to ensure the safety of patients and users and minimize the risk of using medical devices.

2. Advantages of the electric nursing bed compared to the normal nursing bed

In general, the electric nursing bed is welded with high-quality steel. It has a simple and elegant shape, which is neat and beautiful. The most outstanding part of the electric nursing bed is the design of manual getting up and leg bending. Also, it has a build-in toilet and patients can wash their hair or feet on the bed.

The unique function of the electric nursing bed is the manual getting up and leg bending, which can help bedridden patients to move freely on the nursing bed. It is good for the elderly who has been laying in a nursing bed for a long time to move their bodies. The function of the rising and bending legs of the manual nursing bed and the electric nursing bed achieve the patient's desire. This function of the nursing bed can improve the quality of life of patients, reduce the pain of bedridden patients, and reduce the labor intensity of accompanying staff. The electric nursing bed has a build-in toilet for patients who have difficulties in getting up and going to the toilet. The nursing bed can provide fast and convenient services for patients. Also, a plastic shampoo basin can be equipped in the electric nursing bed, which provides convenience for washing hair on the nursing bed.

Users can adjust the height of the back and feet by the hand controller beside the pillow. Besides, they can easily and flexibly raise and lower horizontally to avoid bedsores caused by long-term bed rest, which is also helpful for early recovery. Moreover, the electric nursing bed is equipped with a dining shelf, which is convenient for users to sit and eat, watch TV or read and write.

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