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What Are the Basic Conditions for Hospital Furniture?

1. Basic conditions for hospital furniture

Environmental protection is the first standard when purchasing hospital furniture, so it is necessary to require hospital furniture to meet the environmental protection standard. Furniture should not release harmful material to the human body during use. In fact, environmental hospital furniture includes many aspects, such as low consumption of materials, low pollution, and easy recycling. There are many steel furniture in hospitals, and steel wood, steel and engineering plastic materials are more environmentally friendly than wood furniture.

In general, users of hospital furniture are divided into medical staff and patients. Hospital furniture is more likely to be worn out due to the large flow of people. Therefore, the wear resistance of furniture becomes a very important evaluation standard in procurement. For example, the average daily emergency volume of a tertiary-level hospital is as high as 10,000 people, and patients sit in a row of chairs every day, which consumes a lot of hospital furniture.

In addition to meeting wear resistance requirements, hospital furniture must also have the characteristics of laboratory furniture, such as acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and moisture resistance. For example, medical storage cabinets and medical equipment cabinets must be moisture-proof, anti-cross-infection and wear-resistant. The handles of medical dispensing cabinets must be rust-proof and disinfected.

The design of hospital furniture must meet the needs of medical staff and patients. For example, the design of the nurse station should be based on the average height of women. The chair for visiting doctors should also consider ergonomic design, and the seat should be adjusted up and down and back and forth. Also, the backrest and cushion materials of the seat must have good air permeability.

2. The design of geriatric hospital furniture

There are special needs for the design of geriatric hospital furniture. According to the physical and psychological characteristics of the elderly, the design of the furniture of the geriatric hospital should meet the principle of barrier-free facilities. Elderly people move slowly and are easy to fall and collisions. As they age, their muscle strength and respiratory function will decrease, and their body will move slowly. Therefore, stability is another important factor in the design of geriatric hospital furniture. Also, the ground furniture must be made of matt surface, which can prevent falls and reduce collisions. Due to the weakened function of the elderly, it is difficult for them to easily control their movements. Therefore, the size of the shape should be appropriate, and glass and metal materials should be avoided. Some lightweight and environmentally friendly protective materials can be added appropriately, such as the height of the bed.

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