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What Are the Precautions for Hospital Furniture?

Hospital furniture is different from office furniture, whether in terms of definition, classification, or in actual use, so that its daily management is also different from the daily management of office furniture. In the management of hospital furniture, higher requirements and levels on management are needed to better assist the hospital in the comprehensive treatment and rescue of the patients.

1. Hospital furniture must be professional and timely

Hospital furniture must be professional. It should set up a special management department to be responsible for the daily management of hospital furniture, set up special or part-time personnel to be responsible for daily work, formulate clear job responsibilities and management methods, and form series of standardized operation procedures such as hospital furniture customization, procurement, acceptance, out-put and in-put of warehouse, checking, scrapping and maintenance. Hospital furniture is time-sensitive. The principle of hospital furniture management should base on the timeliness of cooperation with treatment and its criterion should be to assist in life-saving and healing. A rapid response mechanism should be formed to complete supply, distribution, deployment, and maintenance in a timely manner to ensure front-line use. Daily maintenance time needs to be reasonably arranged, and precautions should be notified in a timely manner.

2. The details of hospital furniture that need to pay attention to

First of all, compared with ordinary furniture, hospital furniture has higher requirements in terms of humanized details. We should pay special attention to safety and try to avoid furniture with sharp corners or protruding objects, because patients are often prone to bumps or falls. So try to avoid the situation that will cause harm in the hospital furniture.

Secondly, the quality of hospital furniture is also relatively good. Our own household furniture is often used by ourselves, and we tend to cherish it. During the use, we will also consider the tolerance range of the furniture. However, hospital furniture often needs to be used by many people. So during the use, we cannot guarantee that everyone's personal morality and quality and that they will use furniture more carefully, so the quality of furniture must be firm. For hospital furniture, if its quality is not good, it is easy to cause safety hazards.

Finally, there is the diversification of hospital furniture. Hospitals with different functions use different hospital furniture. In many cases, different furniture needs to be customized according to the attending conditions of the hospital. If it is a rehabilitation hospital, the furniture needs to be soft-packed to truly protect the safety of patients. If it is a children's hospital, the size of the table and bed needs to be re-customized. If it is hospital for elderly, it needs to be more humanized. Considering the inconvenience of getting up and lying down for the elderly, the furniture should ensure that the safety of the patient can be guaranteed in all aspects.

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