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What Are the Requirements for Medical Device Cart?

Ⅰ. Medical equipment trolleys need to be handy

1. If there is a tabletop, the tabletop should be a one-piece structure without gaps so that the doctor can clean it easily;

2. Pass the test of alcohol, disinfectant, and detergent commonly used in hospitals;

3. Scalability. The medical trolley is equipped with guide rails and chutes that meet the international standard size. So they can add equipment to the trolley;

4. Easy wiring. There is a specially designed space for wiring;

5. If there is a lifting function, the operating room, and other requirements for the sterility of the doctor's hands, the lifting control must be controlled by the foot;

6. The color of the medical trolley must conform to the hospital environment. Use matte as much as possible to avoid reflections that cause doctors to make mistakes.

Ⅱ. Medical equipment trolleys need to be safe

1. According to different materials, use 4^6 times load test, can not break and deform;

2. The trolley can protect the equipment on it. If it hits the wall, it will hit the trolley first;

3. Each place where the load can be placed is marked with the maximum load;

4. Each part of the medical trolley has passed the Rohs test, and the parts meet the salt spray test for more than 8 hours. 72 hours is the best;

5. After putting all the load on, the thrust is less than 1/5 of the weight of the whole vehicle; hitting a 40mm step at a speed of 0.8m/s, there can be no tipping and equipment damage; at a rate of 0.8m/s, there is no tipping and equipment damage; On the 10mm step, 1000 times test can not be damaged;

6. If the medical trolley has a place that is easy to wear, the worn location should not be above the patient, and the worn location should not have paint. The worn-out material should not fall on the patient, especially the wound;

7. The medical trolley needs to meet other requirements specified by iec60601.

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