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What is the Difference Between a Homecare Bed and a Medical Care Bed?

1. Classification of care beds

According to different places of use, nursing beds are divided into home nursing beds and medical nursing beds. The medical nursing bed is a traditional nursing bed. The home nursing bed is different from the nursing bed used in the hospital, which provides a more convenient and comfortable life for the elderly who have certain self-care ability.

Under the general trend of economic development, the broad prospects of home nursing beds have also been paid attention to by nursing bed manufacturers. As different nursing bed products, the homecare bed and medical care bed have certain differences in design and function.

2. How to choose homecare bed and medical nursing bed?

The medical nursing bed is a nursing bed product used in hospitals and other places. It requires a high degree of consistency in structure and function, and there are relatively few personalized requirements for nursing beds. But this is not the case for home care beds. Most home care beds are provided for a single customer, and different household users have different requirements for home care beds. In contrast, it pays more attention to the personalized functions of the care beds.

There are differences in operation between home care beds and medical care beds. Medical care beds are mostly hospital nurses, nurses and other professionals. They are familiar with the functions and operations of the care beds and can adapt to the complex requirements of the use of the care beds.

The users of home care beds are non-professionals. For people who have not been exposed to the nursing industry, it is more difficult to use complex care beds. Therefore, home care beds are more suitable.

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